Wednesday 6th October 2021

Beginner jumping lessons at Alsager Equestrian Centre

The jumping lessons with Joy Toomer at Alsager Equestrian Centre continue.  The fortnightly lessons are indoor and commence at 7 .   Beginner lessons are cross poles and fences up to about 60cm.  A maximum of six riders is usual. The fee is £17 and this is payable in advance and needs to be paid even in the event of withdrawals – non payment will ultimately mean no lessons for anyone. BACS details are on the website.

These are supportive, fun groups and we keep the rules to a minimum but correct standard hats and boots are mandatary.  It is very strongly recommended to wear a body protector or an air jacket. Riders should have in case of emergency details with them.   Horses should have had an equine flu booster within a year to comply with the rules of the venue.  Only open to members so please ensure your subscription has been paid prior to entry.

Please confirm your booking with Joy Toomer either directly: [email protected] or via the BBA Facebook page.  Onwards and upwards everyone.

Next session:  3rd November