Monday 29th May 2017

Campaign to get the Pennine Bridleway finished at Glossop!


Dear Friends,

I am writing on behalf or Peak Horsepower, SPEED, and Tameside Riders to ask you for your help.


Please help us get the Pennine Bridleway finished at Glossop. Three local groups, Peak Horsepower, SPEED and Tameside Riders, have teamed up to highlight the dangers riders are facing.


Sign our petition here and circulate to other riders, cyclists and walkers


The Pennine Bridleway (PBW) is one of 15 long-distance National Trails in England and Wales only 2 of which are accessible to horse riders and cyclists. The PBW stretches from Ravenstone Dale in Cumbria to Middleton Top in Derbyshire. The National Trails website  says that “The Pennine Bridleway offers horse riders, cyclists and walkers the opportunity to explore 205 miles of the Pennines’ ancient packhorse routes, drovers roads and newly created bridleways”.  Although it was officially opened in 2012, around Glossop and Charlesworth, horse riders, walkers and cyclists still have to take to dangerous roads for five to six miles. It also means that the Pennine Bridleway is not being used as much as it could be despite having cost taxpayers many millions of pounds since it was started almost 20 years ago in 1999.

Local horse riders have identified a potentially much cheaper  alternative route for the gap but DCC are failing to take the initiative and work with partners to consider this or other solutions which means that horse riders, cyclists and walkers continue to be put at risk.


Bureaucratic budget timing differences between NE and DCC have led to tens of thousands of pounds of money supposedly dedicated to the project going unspent. The terrain for the proposed route for bridging the gap is extremely difficult in places making it slow and expensive to progress.

Sign our petition here and please circulate to other riders, cyclists and walkers


We recently had a protest parade to highlight the problems.



SPEED was formed in 2012 following a tragic accident where a horse was killed and the rider seriously injured in Charlesworth. This was on one of the roads riders have to take because of the failure to finish the Pennine Bridleway around Glossop. Derbyshire County Council and Natural England have failed to react to the dangers faced daily by local riders.


Since the launch of the BHS’s Horse Accident web site in November 2010:

  • There has been 2,510 reported road incidents involving horses
  • 38 riders have died 
  1. 222 horses died at the scene, or were put to sleep as a result of their injuries

 Many of our members are frightened to go out for a ride. Motorists are impatient, roads are narrow and vehicles go too fast. Sometimes drivers are even verbally abusive to horse riders.  Cyclists and pedestrians are facing the same dangers.

Sign our petition here and please circulate to other riders, cyclists and walkers

A full briefing is available here:  Pennine Bridleway Briefing

Thank you for your help!