Friday 5th January 2018

E mail received from Libby Richards/ECCTG regarding change of date for Beetle Drive

Dear Joy,

The Committee of the ECCTG would like to thank the Border Bridleways Association so very much for changing the date – long arranged and on your website for months – of the Beetle Drive at Astbury Village Hall.  We apologise for not spotting the Beetle date and causing you a good deal of hassle – but we are so very grateful to have the chance of the company of our dual members, including our Endurance chef d’equipe and all Endurance stars, and one of our most marvellously supportive families (your Chairperson may have warm ears).  The Border Bridleways Association has always had a reputation for inclusivity, friendliness and loyal and supportive members – we are very lucky to have you in our area – and special thanks from us on this occasion – you are ace!!

Thanks so much, Joy – love, Libbyxx