Saturday 26th September 2020

Flat work lessons at Higher Farm, Byley – note new venue!

Flat work with Sarah is starting on 8th October and this session is full.  The next session is 15th October and there are three spaces as of 26th September.  Five people per session.  The sessions are from 7pm and the cost is £14.  Members must follow the government guidelines and the venue’s rules in relation to Covid 19.  No spectators are allowed and social distancing must be maintained at all times.  Please be very careful as infringements could result in the lessons coming to an end.

Please check that your membership is up to date before entering.  Contact Jan Dobson to enter: [email protected]  Payment by BACS, details to be found on this website.  We cannot make refunds for withdrawals as we have to pay for the arena and the instructor and we do this on the basis of the number of entries per session.  Correct hat and boots should be worn.  It is recommended that in case of emergency details are carried.