Tuesday 9th July 2019

Flat work sessions at Hunters Gate, Byley with Sarah Johnson now at 7pm

Fortnightly lessons are held at Hunters Gate, Byley with Sarah Johnson.  Thursday nights at 7pm.  Please contact Jan Dobson if you would like to attend either an odd session or on a regular basis. We are always pleased to see new members either as regulars or on odd sessions from time to time.  Vaccination certificates must be carried which are up to date either with an initial course of two injections or an annual booster.  Hats must be of the correct standard and suitable footwear should be worn.  Please check the British Riding Clubs on line handbook for details of acceptable hat standards.  In case if emergency information should be carried at all BBA ridden events.


Price £14.  A maximum of six horses in a group.  [email protected]