Tuesday 5th April 2016

Have your say to promote your local routes – support the local access forum

Dear Public Rights of Way users

I write on behalf of the Cheshire East Local Access Forum which is a statutory body established under section 94 of the Countryside and Rights of Way (CROW) Act 2000, to provide advice on access to the countryside. As the appointing local authority, Cheshire East Council is required, in accordance with section 94(5) of the Act, to have regard to relevant advice from this Forum in carrying out its functions.

There are several promoted routes in Cheshire East, such as the Bollin Valley Way, the Dane Valley Way, the North Cheshire Way and the South Cheshire Way. However, it was recently suggested to the Forum that many local people don’t know about them, or how to get to them, even when the route passes close to where they live. Could signposting be improved, to show where a local Public Right of Way leads to a promoted route?

The Forum has a limited number of volunteer members, and so can’t know the whereabouts of key paths. However, we realise that you, the local rambling, cycling and riding groups, will have that local knowledge. So, if you are aware of a key local Public Right of Way which leads a short distance from residential areas to a promoted route, we’d be keen to hear from you. When getting in contact, the most helpful information will be a map marked up with locations and indicating the promoted route in question. Please send your email to [email protected]

When we have received responses, the Forum will consider the appropriate way forward and we will let respondents know the outcome of our considerations.