Thursday 10th March 2022

Jumping lessons 29th June, 2022

Joy Toomer is running a jumping lesson at 7pm on 29th June at Alsager Equestrian Centre.  These lessons will continue on a fortnightly basis.  The sessions are beginner sessions but we hope to also run improver sessions.  For the time being the session will be a mixed session with everyone working together and a few bigger jumps towards the end of the session for the improver level as necessary.   Beginner sessions are from cross poles up to about 60 cm and Improver sessions are around 70cm. The time can be extended if we get more entries as the weeks go by and the weather and daylight improve.  The cost is £20 per session and must be paid in advance. Please pay by BACS. The bank details are listed in a separate post on this website.  We cannot normally refund for withdrawals as we have to cover our cost.

Correct head and footwear must be worn and body protectors and air jackets are highly recommended.  These sessions are only open to members.  Horses should be vaccinated against equine flu.  We aim to make the sessions as friendly as possible and there is always a good camaraderie amongst the riders.

Entries and enquiries to Joy.  [email protected]    It would be appreciated if members would confirm that they intend to come as soon as possible so that the time for the session can be extended if necessary.