Thursday 25th January 2018

Jumping lessons at Alsager

The jumping lessons with Joy Toomer continue at 7pm at Alsager Equestrian centre on Wednesday evenings.  The sessions are at a novice level. Very suitable for inexperienced horses and riders.  Cost is £15 per session.  Payment at the meeting or on Horse Monkey.  Members are reminded that our costs have to be met and then entry fees can not be refunded due to withdrawal, this policy ensures that we can offer the best possible value to everyone.  Body protectors should be worn together with suitable riding hat and boots.

Please let Pat Guerin or Joy Toomer know if you wish to put your name down either for the full course of lessons or for some of them.  Payment due in advance either at the meeting or to a committee member. There is a reduced price for the full set of sessions per month.   Contact: [email protected]

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