Friday 27th April 2018

Minutes from AGM

1 Minutes of AGM Monday 23rd April 2018 – 7pm at The Pavillion, Somerford Present approx 42 members including the committee Apologies: Jo Harris, Rachel Douglas Chairman’s Report – Joy Toomer chaired the meeting Joy welcomed every-one to the meeting • The minutes from May 2017 AGM meeting were accepted • Another year has passed and BBA have had a good year – it is great to see lots of new members. We don’t have the largest memberships but are a very active group. • Currently we are fighting some useful bridleways issue and have seen great progress in Staffordshire in claims this year. This was all started with hard work Anndrea has put into the Wedgewood Lane claim • There is an opportunity at the moment to influence new access routes as money is available. Cycling groups are currently active in using this and we need to ensure that horse riding is also on the agenda. • Thanks to all the members for supporting us and enjoying our activities. • Thanks to the volunteers at jumping lessons, dressage and camp. This is very much appreciated. • Please make cheques to border bridleways association rather than BBA in the future as the bank has changed its policy on accepting these cheques • Thanks go to all the committee and camp subcommittee who have kept the group moving throughout the year. • Our social events continue to be successful • We need to continue growing as a group so please continue to spread the word and encourage new members to join Treasurer’s report – Maggie Marincovic Year end account: Deposit Account £ 10670.70 Cash in Hand £ 10.00 Current Account £ 8922.10 Total £ 19602.80 Thanks again to Nick Ellam for auditing the books Membership – Liz Goda Last year we ended with 75 adult members, 9 honorary , 4 juniors This year so far we have: 58 renewed adults, 11 honorary, 3 juniors Social Report – Pat Guerin Report of the year: • May –treasure hunt, • June – XC, • July – dog agility, dressage • August – picnic ride at Delamere • Sep – dressage • Nov – dressage, Congleton ride • Dec – annual meal at the Red Lion Withington at Eaton • Jan – dressage • Feb – beetle drive • Mar – final dressage • Apr – 3 day course 2 Monthly meetings now at the vicarage just outside Holmes Chapel and its great if members can attend. Jumping, polework, drill riding and flatwork continued through the year. Thanks to Joy and Sarah for providing excellent tuition. Thanks to Joy for the dressage judging and to the others who score, steward, write or read tests. Thanks to everyone who helped or attended any BBA activities. Thanks to Joy who holds us altogether and devotes a huge amount of time and effort to the group. Committee Joy thanked the committee for their continued support. Pat does a brilliant job running events as well as travelling the country for other activities. She works hard on our social events and organising our jumping sessions Maggie, one of the clubs original members 30 years ago, our treasurer and dressage scorer and allows us to use her venue for events Kristine efficient secretary and runs horse monkey and polework Liz our membership secretary and organising camp Katie who runs Facebook and makes rosettes Jan organises our flat sessions and our insurance Nicky, Gaynor, Marjory help run lots of our events Thanks to everyone who has helped at camp or other activities – the group is totally reliant on your continued support The present committee all agreed to continue standing and this was proposed by Tori Rigby and seconded by Nicky Toomer. Violet Hughes trophy is awarded to Anndrea Bossen who has been a fantastic contributor to BBA for many years. She hosts dog agility and has done a massive amount of work with Staffordshire and Wedgewood Lane A new trophy has kindly been donated by Paula Shenton as she leaves the area. This is awarded to someone who has achieved in their riding and this year is awarded to Sue Norcop who has been an active member of BBA for many years and this year has made excellent progress jumping her horse. The dressage trophy is awarded to Nic Harries Honorary membership is awarded to Anne Farley who for many years has been our keenest volunteer! AOB 3 AGM attendees Joy Toomer Maggie Marincovic Pat Guerin Liz Mouchet Kristine Pemberton Marjory Higgs Andrea Bossen Katie Newport Paula Shenton Sue Norcop Philip Norcop Jan Dobson Anna Mather Sue Sidbotham Hannah Rush Tori Rigby Gaynor Twigg Jill Bell Jane Wyatt L Atkinson Nicky Toomer Ken Toomer Tommo Burge Jo Ford Sue Heaven Carol Burns Anne Farley Jo Nicholls Cindy Edwards Joy Rooney Rachel Robinson Sue Skipper Terry Skipper Sally Filby Sara Rush Maura Amies Kerry Shaw Lisa Irvine Nicky Tomkinson Tracey Atkin Nikki Phillips Kath Wilkinson Debbie Garnsey