Friday 3rd May 2019

Minutes from the Annual General Meeting

1 Minutes of AGM Monday 29th April 2019 – 7pm at The Pavillion, Somerford Present approx 44 members including the committee Apologies: Chairman’s Report – Joy Toomer chaired the meeting Joy welcomed every-one to the meeting • The minutes from 2018 AGM meeting were accepted • Bridleways – We had representation at the East Cheshire Rights of Way meeting and raised concerns about Congleton link road and ensuring that needs of horse riders were taken into account. They have since confirmed that some changes were made to plans following consultation in 2015 • Wedgewood Lane is now top of list in Staffordshire • Marjory Higgs and Pat Guerin were awarded honorary membership for their commitment and support over many years. • Dressage has had mixed support through the year. Dressage champion for the year is awarded to Kristine Pemberton • The Violet Hughes trophy is awarded for contribution to BBA this year to Liz Goda for services to camp • The Paula Shenton award is awarded to Ella Ford to recognize the fantastic improvement in her riding over the year. Treasurer’s report – Maggie Marincovic Year end account: Total ending balance £ 21058.28 Note that in the year end accounts the bill for Somerford is outstanding Thanks again to Nick Ellam for auditing the books The accounts were approved Membership – Katie Newport We have 77 adult members, 11 honorary , 4 juniors We have had many new members recently which is great to see. Social Report – Pat Guerin Jumping, polework, drill riding and flatwork continued through the year. Jumping and cross country lessons are taught by Joy and flatwork and other events by Sarah. We also held our Annual dog agility with BBQ and the Christmas meal Dressage competitions have been run and scored by Joy and a team of helpers And we have our biggest event: the 3 day course Thanks to everyone, members included, helpers and organizers. Without our members supporting and attending the events we would not be able to run any of them! Massive thanks to Joy who puts a huge amount of hard work and time into running this group 2 Committee Joy thanked the committee for their continued support. Kristine very efficient and spent much time sorting the new bank account Maggie is fantastic with figures – sorting accounts and dressage scoring Pat who is our social secretary and organizes the Christmas meal Jan organizes the flat work at hunters gate, rosettes and insurance Marjory who has the bit bank and runs the social ride in Delamere Katie is membership secretary and has undertaken extra work for GDPR this year Liz runs camp which has been challenging over the last few weeks Gaynor and Nicky who provide lots of help through the year The present committee all agreed to continue standing. AOB Next Meeting will be 1st July 3 AGM attendees Joy Toomer Maggie Marincovic Pat Guerin Liz Mouchet Kristine Pemberton Marjory Higgs Andrea Bossen Katie Newport Sue Norcop Philip Norcop Jan Dobson Anna Mather Sue Sidbotham Tori Rigby Gaynor Twigg Jill Bell Jane Wyatt Nicky Toomer Ken Toomer Tommo Burge Jo Ford Sue Heaven Carol Burns Anne Farley Joy Rooney Rachel Robinson Sue Skipper Sally Filby Lisa Irvine Nicky Tomkinson Nikki Phillips Kath Wilkinson Debbie Garnsey Carly Mathers Bev Nelson Brenda Lomas Lizzie Parkinson Sophie Fisher Jill Cartlidge Lynne McKie Louise Rhead-Garlick