Thursday 28th October 2021

Minutes of October Meeting

Minutes of Meeting – Monday 18th October 2021 – 8pm at the Waggon and Horses, Marton Present approx 20 members including the committee

Apologies: Marjory Higgs, Sue Skipper, Rachel Robinson, Louise Rhead-Garlick, Rachel Garlick Lawson Chairman’s Report – Joy chaired the meeting and welcomed everyone • Biddulph valley way: branches have been trimmed to make riding the route easier • Jumping continues every 2 weeks – beginners only at the moment – we will have an improvers group once there is enough interest. This week we have 4 riders • Dog agility – lovely night and thanks to Anndrea for hosting • BBA camp will be 25-27th April, letters will be out before Christmas • Jean Spearing sadly lost her husband recently – a donation has been made to Christies on behalf of BBA .

Treasurer’s report – Maggie Marincovic Cash 10 Account 19980.37 Total 19990.37

Membership – Katie Newport Memberships are starting to come in, we currently have 65 members

Social Report – Pat Guerin • Christmas meal £23 including tip 3 courses, drinks and coffee are extra, December 1st at Heyrose. Please contact Pat to book and provide your choices and then pay the full amount into the BBA account. The menu can be found on the website and Facebook • 21 November is the Congleton ride being run for EGB – £25 for non-members. Contact Pat if you are interested in attending and if there is enough BBA interest it may be possible to run as a joint event. • Hoping to have a TREC session for BBA when possible • Katie to solicit interest to various activities on facebook •

Flatwork sessions have been arranged for evenings and Saturdays. Check the website and Facebook for details or contact Heather (for evenings) or Kristine (for Saturdays)

AOB • A new bridleway in Staffordshire which links Chatterley Whitfield, the new cycle way, the disused railway line, Golden hill, and goes to the ski slope at Stoke has finally been approved. Includes nice gallop across the disused golf course. For more details Anndrea is familiar with this and North Staffordshire Bridleways Association (NSBA) organize rides in the area. • Staffordshire still have a huge backlog of paths which they should address in the next 18 months • Cheshire are also struggling to deliver the bridleways. There are a few paths around the new Congleton by-pass where it is possible to ride on paths. We should be raising these where possible to try and convert them to bridlepaths • Anndrea is submitting a claim for Biddulph street from Congleton Edge to Biddulph Valley Road. Please contact Anndrea if you can provide information for this to support 20 years use from 2009 back • There are still concerns with the Peover Watertower bridleway. Some improvements were made but it is still difficult to pass in places. This will continue to be monitored and issues reported where possible. There are specific concerns with the electric fencing very close to the narrow bridleway and the rules for this will be checked • Lamberts lane – there is a diversion being put in, which seems OK. Need to check it is done as planned

Next meeting: General meeting in February 2022 (date and location to be confirmed) and then the AGM wil be heldat camp.