Friday 8th February 2019

Notice for members due to attend Alsager Equestrian Centre/Hunters Gate re flu vaccinations

Alsager Equestrian Centre have requested that horses travelling to them have their passports with them to prove that their vaccinations are up to date. This is in the light of the recent outbreak of equine influenza and in everybody’s best interests. Some centres have been asking that vaccinations should have been within 6 months but Alsager are happy with the normal twelve months. Hopefully the fact that racing is re-starting means that the powers that be do not see a big risk.

Due to the limited number of horses attending and stabled at Hunters Gate there are currently no plans to instigate checks of their own but BBA expects passports to be available for inspection with boosters within a twelve month period.  We are not invoking the seven day rule.

As a point of information, please note that many venues are insisting on six monthly boosters in line with FEI regulations but the equestrian ruling bodies are not doing so, it is a case of checking on the individual venue. It is clearly a good idea to avoid close contact with strange horses at this, or any other time and to avoid sharing water buckets etc.  The advise is that provided sensible precautions have been taken horses may travel as usual.  Horse flu is endemic in this country, it is unusual for an outbreak to become so high profile and possibly would not have done so if it were not in racing circles, but it is a wake up call to everyone.