Sunday 15th July 2018

Report on Dog Agility and Barbecue

A great evening was had by all – maybe one of the biggest turnouts ever! Glorious weather, lovely food, good company and lots of dogs and children!

Many thanks are due to Anndrea and Jonathon for their hospitality and to the people who helped in the lead up to and during the evening.  As it was Anndrea’s birthday Ann Hancock had made a really lovely birthday cake and we hope that Anndrea will have many happy returns.

The all important results:- (Maybe not so important!)


1st Nic Toomer and Eddie. 2nd Tory Rigby and Dusty, 3rd Nic again and Rascal, 4th Sarah and Mya


1st Adrian Toomer and Dallas, 2nd Duncan Amies and Harry, 3rd Jamie Rigby and Dusty

For the record and because some rivalries never go away Nic’s time was less than a tenth of a second faster than Adrian’s – he is in training for next year!


1st Millie Hancock and Dusty, 2nd Harry Green and Dusty, 3rd Harry Green and Bess, 4th Freya Garnsey and Dusty

Do we wonder if Dusty is slightly shorter today than yesterday?  Well done that dog!