Saturday 13th April 2019

Vaccination records required to be checked prior to the course and the Somerford xc schooling

Members will be aware that Somerford have a strict policy on vaccination for equine influenza.  Vaccinations must be up to date and a booster has to have been given within 6 months of arriving at Somerford.  We would ask members attending these two events to e mail, whatsap or post the identity pages and the vaccination pages of their passports to [email protected] or post to Nic Toomer, 20 Boundary Lane, Mossley, Congleton, CQ12 3HZ.  Please do this as soon as possible and certainly well before the event.  You will still need to bring your passports with you to Somerford and they will be checked  on arrival by us and there will be spot checks by SPF, but the process will be much quicker if we have already got your record on file and in the event of any issues, hopefully give time for things to be rectified.

Please note that we will check that you have had your horse vaccinated within the last six months or that it has had the second jab of the initial course – it is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that the record is correct  prior to the current booster and not ours.  Somerford do not operate the seven day rule.