Saturday 20th September 2014

A reminder on what to do if you have an issue with a right of way

If you have a minor issue with a right of way (first make sure it has bridleway status), it will probably be sufficient to contact Cheshire East or Cheshire West Rights of Way department, both of which have contact details on their websites.  Minor issues such as damaged gates will usually be dealt with quite quickly but if you do not get a fairly quick response then BBA will back up your request.  If it is a case where a little work would make the path easier to use then the money is often not forthcoming these days although the officers may be sympathetic.  Within reason BBA will assist financially in these sort of situations.

Where there is an issue with an obstruction or abusive behaviour this should also be reported to the rights of way officers, preferably in writing and BBA will back you up in writing.  This is often a police matter.

It is up to horse riders to help themselves backed up the the Association and in that way we will keep our  routes useable.

To ask for back up please e mail our secretary Kristine Pemberton [email protected]