Monday 16th August 2021
[OFFICIAL] Note of meeting of Rights of Way Consultative Group 10am May 26th -update August 2021

BUTLER, Genni <[email protected]> Mon 16/08/2021 14:14     CEC PROW Network Areas 2021.pdf 5 MB  Dear Rights of Way Consultative Group attendee How the summer is flying!  We’re roughly mid way between our last meeting in May and the next we have scheduled for 6th October, so it’s about time for me to drop […]

Thursday 12th August 2021
General meeting 13th September, 2021 – CANCELLED

Sadly this morning we have had a phone call from the Waggon and Horses to the effect that they have had to close due to Covid. so we have had to cancel tonight’s meeting,  This is very last minute and we do apologise. Please spread the word.  We will endeavour to re-arrange in the very […]

Thursday 5th August 2021
Flat work lessons with Joy Toomer 20th September

A flat work session has been arranged at Alsager Equestrian Centre.   We commence at 6.30 and the groups have no more than six riders.    Please apply to Heather Malkin.  [email protected]  Cost per session is £17. Attire is casual rather than formal but hats must be of the correct current standard and footwear must be […]

Monday 12th July 2021
Barbecue and Dog Agility

We  all had a great night at the barbecue and dog agility.  So much fun and so lovely to do something which felt normal again.  Thank you for supporting this event and many many thanks to Anndrea and Jonathon Bossen for their hospitality.

Wednesday 2nd June 2021
BHS Incident Report App launched

Currently only 1 in 10 incidents* experienced by riders is being reported. Increasing the number of incidents that are logged with the BHS is key in order to create a safer environment for equestrians, as they can act more effectively with better data. The BHS has launched a free App “Horse i” which they believe will enable […]

Friday 26th March 2021
Show jumping lessons with Joy Toomer – Beginner sessions only at present time

The jumping lessons with Joy Toomer at Alsager Equestrian Centre are now in full swing.  The fortnightly lessons are outdoor and commence at 7 .   Beginner lessons are cross poles and fences up to about 60cm.  A maximum of six riders is usual. The fee is £17 and this is payable in advance and needs […]

Monday 7th September 2020
Contacts for Cheshire East rights of way issues during current pandemic

For general enquiries please contact Genni Butler at Cheshire East rights of way departement.  For local issues please ask for Nicola for North East Cheshire, Evan for the North West area, Barry for the central area and Genni for the South area.  Contact information on the Cheshire East website.

Friday 2nd August 2019
Path open to riders behind the Waggon and Horses at Eaton, Congleton

Some members may not be aware that Pat Amies has now sorted access for riders to use the path behind the pub which links the new bridlepath from Giantswood Lane  with School Lane and thus avoids having to ride along a section of the A34.  We should all be most grateful to Pat for her […]

Sunday 19th May 2019
Paying for BBA events

The committee would be most grateful if members paying for events by cash would kindly put their payment in an envelope with clear details of name and event entered.  Assistance in this matter would be very much appreciated as we like to make sure that there is as little risk of error as possible. Payment […]