Thursday 8th September 2022

Acceptable riding hat standards for 2024

Hat standards SNELL 2001 and PAS 015 1998 will no longer be acceptable for BBA events from January 2023.  The BHS have announced  that this is due to the age of hats of these standards.  Please check your hats to make sure they are the correct standard.    Riders who compete outside of BBA and have hat tags will shortly be offered new pink hat tags to replace the current aqua ones. To check whether your hat is up to the current correct standard check out the British Riding Clubs website where the rules are to be found. A hat which has been involved in a heavy fall of any sort should be replaced.

Please note that riding with an incorrect hat may invalidate your insurance. Spot checks may be made and all hats WILL be checked at the start of the three day course.