Monday 12th February 2024

Arena xc training – Red Ash School, Somerford 9th March

Joy Toomer will take a cross country technique schooling session at Somerford at 10am on Saturday, 9th March.  This is suitable for novice riders and horses as there are some very small options but there are some bigger ones for any more experienced combinations.  Entries to Joy Toomer via BBA Facebook or text 07860118181.   Payment on entry is £23 per combination. Details for BACS are shown on this website.  Please wear body protectors for these sessions and suitable footwear.  Hats should be to current BRC standards.  Please do not leave it to the last minute to enter.  The numbers will be limited as this is a one hour session and we want members to have plenty of chance to enjoy the facility.  Please be ready to start on time.

Horses should be vaccinated for Flu and Somerford do spot checks.  We recommend riders carry in case of emergency details for all our event.