Wednesday 2nd June 2021

BHS Incident Report App launched

Currently only 1 in 10 incidents* experienced by riders is being reported. Increasing the number of incidents that are logged with the BHS is key in order to create a safer environment for equestrians, as they can act more effectively with better data. The BHS has launched a free App “Horse i” which they believe will enable riders to “quickly and easily” submit details of incidents that have negatively affected their safety using a “simple, easy to use interface”.  To download the app search for “Horse i” on either Google Play or the App Store.

The app can record details including location, date and time, injuries, vet treatment, and whether agencies such as the police or civil aviation authority are involved.

* An incident is classed as an unplanned event that has resulted in a human or horse feeling unsafe, for example road rage, or that has the potential to cause injury (a near-miss), or that has already caused injury.

Riders can also report any problems with a road or off-road user, slippery road surfaces, dogs, runners, joggers and pedestrians, low-flying aircraft, nuisance drones or fireworks.