Monday 25th March 2019

Notice to all members attending BBA events regarding safety

The organisation expects our participants to be wearing hats to the correct standard and body protectors which are to the current accepted level.  Crash hats without a peak should be worn for cross country.  Air jackets are optional but should be declared on entry to an indoor school/lesson.  If in doubt as to the correct standards please check it out on the British Riding Clubs website via the 2023 hand book or ask a member of the committee.  Failure to comply may mean that the protection level is not as good as it should be and could effect insurance cover.  The committee is not intending to do spot checks other than the compulsory check on hats at the three day course, however, an instructor may do a spot check and decide that equipment is not acceptable.  The responsibility for complying with the rules is with the individual rider and should be taken seriously.

Correct footwear should also be worn and our ICE bands are a really useful addition to kit and can be purchased from Joy Toomer for £4 [email protected].   The ICE bands can be worn whenever out riding not just at our events.  In case of emergency information should always be carried but please not in a hat or a pin coded phone.