Saturday 13th April 2019
Vaccination records required to be checked prior to the course and the Somerford xc schooling

Members will be aware that Somerford have a strict policy on vaccination for equine influenza.  Vaccinations must be up to date and a booster has to have been given within 6 months of arriving at Somerford.  We would ask members attending these two events to e mail, whatsap or post the identity pages and the […]

Wednesday 10th April 2019
Pole work sessions at Hunters Gate, Byley with Sarah Johnson

The dates are 12th May, 9th June and 25 June from 2pm to 3pm.  £13 per session.  Please contact Kristine Pemberton if you wish to attend. These are fun sessions which the horses enjoy and which add variety to their life and improve their flat work at the same time. The sessions are generally well […]

Monday 8th April 2019
Notice regarding ‘In case of emergency’ details

The committee asks members attending ridden events to carry in case of emergency details with them.  This can be a card in a pocket – please not in a hat.  It can be in your mobile phone under ICE but not if there is a pin code.  The BBA provides ICE bands which can be […]

Friday 29th March 2019
Helpers needed for the course. 29th April to 1st May

The course has filled up quickly this year and we look forward to it very much.  In order for it to happen we need helpers for all the sessions, please let Liz know if you are able to help.  Just once session is a really big help. [email protected]

Friday 29th March 2019
Farm ride invitation 1st May

On the final afternoon of the course most riders opt to go round the farm ride and members who are not on the course can join in at a slightly reduced price than normal as we get a group rate.  Please contact Liz Goda   [email protected] to confirm. Vaccination certificates which are up to date must […]

Friday 29th March 2019
Three day course

This year’s course will be 29th April to 1st May at Somerford Park Farm.  Horses may be stabled from the evening of Sunday, 28th  April.  Further information from Liz Goda. It is a possibility that there may be some odd slots available depending on how full the course, is so it is worth contacting Liz […]

Friday 29th March 2019
AGM and supper 29th April

The next meeting will be the AGM on 29th April at Somerford Park Farm Pavilion (on the eighty acres) at 7pm.  We are having a meal at £8 per head and members and friends are most welcome.  Names to Liz Goda [email protected]  Please pay by BACS or by cash or cheque to a committee member.

Friday 29th March 2019
Flat work lessons with Sarah Johnson

Fortnightly lessons are held at Hunters Gate, Byley with Sarah Johnson.  Thursday nights at 6.30.  Please contact Jan Dobson if you would like to attend either an odd session or on a regular basis. We are always pleased to see new members.  Vaccination certificates must be carried which are up to date either with an […]

Friday 29th March 2019
July and October Meeting dates – new venue

We will be holding general meetings at The Wagon and Horses, Manchester Road ,CW12 2JD  Congleton,  on 1st July and 7th October.  The meetings commence at 8pm.  We hope to have speakers at these meetings and further information will be forthcoming.